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Pratt Hearing Aids prides itself in providing the supreme level of care its clients have come to expect and treating everyone as if they were part of the family.

For people struggling with communication issues who want to lead a full and happy life, we provide personal care and hearing solutions to fit all types of hearing loss and almost any budget that want to be comfortable with their hearing and their hearing care.

For all your hearing needs Pratt Hearing Aids is the premier hearing care provider in Toledo, OH


Phonak Audéo V


Wear them. Love them. Forget them.


AutoSense OS, Speech in Car, Comfort in Echo, Speech in Loud Noise, Tinnitus Balance noise generator.


Powered by the new chip technology from Venture, providing twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption.


Phonak Audéo V is designed for mild to severe hearing losses.

Patient Testimonials

  • I praise God for having you to take care of all my needs. You guys are the best!
  • Mike, I want you to know, this decision to get hearing aids was one of the best decisions of my life. I should have done this years ago.
  • Thank you so much for my new "hear betters". It's wonderful to hear the little things again like the snow crunching under my boots, the rain tapping on the gutters, and the wonderful spring birds in the morning!
  • Thank you for giving me and my wife an honest conversation about my hearing. You were right when you said "it may not be what I want to hear, but it's the truth". I can't thank you enough, neither can my wife!

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