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VoiceLink transmitter and microphone

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VoiceLink transmitter and microphone

VoiceLink™ is a voice transmitter that connects to a plug-in microphone and transmits via an easyTek™ or miniTek® using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

General Features

  • Transmitter translates a signal that is not Bluetooth into a Bluetooth wireless signal

    Every easyTek and miniTek comes pre-paired with a transmitter that captures audio from devices without Bluetooth technology too—including TVs, DVRs, laptops, MP3 players, game consoles, etc. The transmitter converts the audio into a Bluetooth wireless signal that it sends to easyTek or miniTek in real time—without any audio delay!

    The microphone makes it seem like the speaker is right next to you

    VoiceLink is very useful in noisy environments like restaurants, classrooms, and conferences. With VoiceLink a hearing aid wearer can hear speech as if the person wearing the microphone is standing close by.

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