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Free Listening Demonstration - Toledo, OH - Pratt Hearing Aids

Free Listening Demonstration - Signia Cellion

Never change hearing aid batteries again with Cellion™, from Signia. Clinically proven better than normal hearing with less effort:

  • At a busy restaurant
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • At the train station
  • Outdoors in wind
  • In meeting places and auditoriums
  • At a concert

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    Free Listening Demonstration


    2042 S. Byrne Road
    Toledo, OH 43614
    (419) 382-7427


    2467 Woodville Ste. #3
    Oregon, OH 43616
    (419) 698-5532

Trade Up - Signia / Siemens Hearing Aids - Toledo, OH - Pratt Hearing Aids

Trade-Up Program

Pratt Hearing Aids LLC invites you to contact our office as soon as possible. At the time you purchased your hearing aids, you were fit with the best available technology. Signia and Siemens have just introduced the latest hearing aid technology that enables clinically proven effortless hearing in any listening environment.

To help you experience the unique benefits of Siemens new premium technology, we are offering you a special Trade-Up Program. To see the chart that indicates the percentage on your original purchase price that we will apply towards the cost of new Siemens premium models, please click here.

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  • EVENT:

    Trade-Up Program


    2042 S. Byrne Road
    Toledo, OH 43614

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    (419) 382-7427

For all our current patients we offer one free pack of hearing batteries with the purchase of another pack of equal or higher value. Come on in to pick them up and take advantage of a free clean and check of your hearing aids.